The animal lovers of Finca Siempre

James and Amanda bought the Costa Rica farm late 2019 and moved here in March 2020. While family health forces the sale of the farm to return to the USA, we will never forget our time here in this beautiful paradise! And don’t worry, all pets will be returning with us! Just as with us moving here, none of our furry family will be left behind.

animal lovers


James is a New Jersey native whose job in environmental science sent him to many states around the US. Each job site he worked at, he helped rescue and rehome the dogs in need. During his time in Texas, after rescuing 3 pit bulls from his job site, James reached out to Amanda for training help. And so their lives merged! City boy James learned farm life on her small farm, and continued helping any rescue animals they found.


A Washington state native, Amanda grew up loving all animals, working with horses and dogs. After chasing the sunshine down to California, she joined the US Army. Following an honorable discharge, she moved to Texas to continue her dog training education and opened her business. She spent any free time fostering and adopting any rescues she could, and fell in love with James’s passion of doing the same.

This farm is truly a nature lover’s dream! The views, the natural vegetation, rivers and waterfalls, wildlife… We will truly miss our peaceful paradise here in Costa Rica, and hope we can find wonderful people to take over for us. Another family who can appreciate everything this farm and land has to offer, and the ecosystem it supports. And of course if they were animal lovers who wanted to continue offering sanctuary for animals in need… Even better!