Available for adoption!

This precious baby was rescued by Puerto Viejo Dogs during a seizure by the authorities, of multiple dogs being bred in horrible conditions. When they arrived and saw Aiden, in that first picture in the dirt, they actually thought he had died already. Luckily they got there in time and rushed him to the vet. He was very sick for quite some time, but was slowly improving with their medical care and love. On the day Amanda went to pick up Paco, she met this little guy and immediately fell in love. Knowing PVD always needs more foster homes, she offered to take him home too. We wanted to honor his incredible journey, so with a phoenix theme in mind, we settled on Aiden which means little fire. While he was slow to grow and gain strength, his fire continues to burn bright. Recent digestion problems sent us to the vet for tests, but luckily he has continued to heal and conquer any obstacles. We love you so much Aiden!

Aiden has grown into a beautiful, strong healthy boy this year, with no further digestion issues. He is an absolute clown that just brings so much laughter and joy into our lives! But now, he is ready to find his forever home family!

Aiden is approximately 1 year old * 55 lbs * regularly dewormed, flea/tick meds * will be neutered prior to adoption * crate trained * potty trained * initially fearful but loves people * loves dogs, cats, and livestock * is not a super noisy hound * lives on a remote farm and doesn’t wander or go off hunting * Just an all around good boy!