The Siempre Sanctuary

As a couple who met over their love for dogs, James and Amanda knew they would continue to rescue wherever they lived. After moving to Costa Rica in 2020 they immediately started fostering rescue dogs (and horses), and have continued every month since. This tranquil slice of paradise is a wonderful place for sick and injured animals to recover, or spend their last years. Where they will always (siempre) be safe.

Minnie working at the animal therapy organization

Our current dogs are a mix of personal dogs brought with us from the US, rescues from here in CR we have “foster failed”, and any available adoptables. We wish we could keep them all, but there are more to keep saving. Your help lets us continue the mission!

And of course we can’t forget the royal king and queen who rule over us all! Kitty cats Jack and Fifi 🙂

Ongoing Need

As well as most everywhere in the world right now, there is an excess of animals here in Costa Rica that need our help. Unkind or abusive humans, animal injuries, owner poverty, and lack of education all contribute to the state of pets here. Consequently, here at the Siempre Sanctuary, we are working to help as many as we possibly can. We have rescued both horses and dogs in need, and plan on continuing doing so for as long as we are able to. Some of the daily/weekly/monthly needs we have are:

*food* *parasite prevention* *treats for training* *medical care* *crates for transport* *publicity for adoption and help* *fuel for transportation*

How to Help

There is ALWAYS something you can do to help, no matter where you are! As you can imagine, saving sick animals is incredibly costly. Therefore any donation at all makes a difference! Safe foster homes, where the animal can recover and receive care and love, are always always in need. Working with organizations like Puerto Viejo Dogs means the vetting costs are covered (through the donations of individuals like yourself), and the dog or cat just needs somewhere to go so that they can be rescued from their current situation. Of course adopting the pets in need helps create the space to rescue the next needy critter. “Flight angels”, where you go with the dog or cat on their plane trip to their adopting family out of country. But if you can’t donate, foster, adopt, or travel? Share! Put these furry loves out into the universe for more people to see and help any way they can.

Our Colleagues

These are the animals we have been blessed to share our time with on their journey. No matter how long or short it may have been, they all hold a special place in our heart! You can also follow their progress on our Facebook page here.

Skinny Pete



















Our rescued horses’ bios coming soon!