Recovered! Well, this is just another heartbreaking case of neglect and starvation. This poor boy was found by a neighbor wandering our local street, obviously suffering. Our neighbor immediately caught, fed him, and contacted us. For the few hours he was with them they were calling him Peter, so we have been calling him Skinny […]


Adopted! This adorable little female “Benji” is a super lucky little girl! Mesa was found bleeding and alone on the streets in Limon. She was actually found by a family member of Rabbit’s original owner. They knew we help dogs so when they found her, they called me. This caring family took her from the […]


Rainbow bridge Ah Tica, you sweet beautiful girl. This darling grandma was found by tourists at the Costa Rica/Panama border. They saw her there in terrible shape and just could not leave her behind. They enlisted help at the border to keep her overnight while they found someone to help take her, and along comes […]


Adopted! This precious little girl with the admittedly ridiculous name, showed up at a neighbor’s house, hungry and lonely. We really did not have the funds to foster another but in daily feeding visits, Amanda was just heartbroken to keep leaving her behind. Snaggles is young, extremely friendly, and has a previously broken jaw and […]


Adopted! This gorgeous boy was one of the few dogs rescued that was actually healthy. In another case of owners not having the space or ability for him, he was kept in a small outdoor kennel 24/7 except for walks. Those were getting increasingly difficult for his older owners as he grew stronger, so they […]


Foster fail I mean, how could you not love this face!? This little cutie was stuck in a small city house, tied to their patio without enough attention. The owners recognized he deserved a better life, and posted him on social media to find him a new home. Amanda immediately fell in love with his […]


Adopted! This adorable scruffy pup was just another case of random breedings producing pups that need homes. Queso stayed with us long enough to get some training and health care, and to determine his ideal home situation. This lucky guy went to a local family near the beach who helps dogs when they can, and […]


Adopted! The one and only Coyote Peterson jungle rescue dog! When Amanda saw a social media post about a dog in need, with the rescuers leaving the country the next day, she jumped into action and met the team at the vet to pick up Rufus. Thanks to the Brave Wilderness team generously covering his […]


Adopted! Angel is a young dog that was found in poor health and posted on social media for a rescuer. The finders had believed her to be pregnant but Amanda let them know that she was not pregnant, but rather had a health problem called ascites. Ascites is a condition in which fluid collects in […]


Adopted! While a shorter term foster, Mia was a happy blast of energy for us here at the farm. A wonderful couple vacationing in Costa Rica found her on the street and just couldn’t ignore her need. They cared for her during puppyhood, getting her healthy and fully vetted. When it was time for them […]