The farm has approximately 150 acres of improved pasture land with well-developed rich grasses ideal for livestock or plantations. The grazing lands have been divided into a total of 10 fenced pastures so you can rotate your livestock between them regularly. With water and feed barrels already in place, and a small herd of purebred Brahman cattle that know their rotations, this farm truly is ready to go. The mountain pastures and jungles are all accessible via a maintained road that you can drive up by 4×4, or take the horses wandering through the many trails.

The pastures

The rivers

In true tropical paradise fashion, there are rivers, creeks, springs, and waterfalls encompassing the entire farm! If you’re hot from working, just jump in the waterfalls and cool off for a bit. With the perfect year round climate here, the water is always the perfect temperature of cool refreshment.

The herd

Our prized Brahman herd are more pet than livestock! They all have names, well detailed birthdays and health reports, and are a wonderful addition to the farm. Besides providing additional income in sales, they help keep the pastures nicely mowed. Soon the herd will be nicely rounded out with the addition of asian water buffalo, for even better cross species grazing.

The harvest

With our yearly temperature average of 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit, and a beautiful 100+ inches of rain… There are no droughts here, it is growing season all year long! That means lush green foliage all year, and any tropical fruits or veggies you could possibly want. You can grow to feed your family, feed your neighbors, or feed your livestock. With little to no effort, many of the fruit trees or flowers here grow naturally, with no help or cultivation by us. Anything is possible here!