This adorable little female “Benji” is a super lucky little girl! Mesa was found bleeding and alone on the streets in Limon. She was actually found by a family member of Rabbit’s original owner. They knew we help dogs so when they found her, they called me. This caring family took her from the street and even took her in to the veterinarian to evaluate her health and injuries. Thankfully no bones were broken and she didn’t have any diseases, so Amanda drove to pick her up the following day. Mesa came here very timid but loving, and bonded extremely quickly with Amanda. In the first few days of staying at the farm, she picked up the habit of jumping onto the dining room table to watch out the window when Amanda went outside. Hence the silly name “Mesa” 🙂

Mesa continued to warm up and come out of her shell, revealing an exuberantly playful little ball of happiness! She loved playing with the all the dogs, especially the puppies, and would try playing with the cats as well (not that they were interested haha). After allowing her to finish healing, adjusting, and veterinary care, we listed her for adoption. Her amazing luck continued when she found her perfect home in just 1 day! Now she is living the life with her new “twin brother’, 2 cats, and a very loving and doting momma. We’re so glad she found the perfect home, she deserves nothing but the best. We love you Mesa!