Well, this is just another heartbreaking case of neglect and starvation. This poor boy was found by a neighbor wandering our local street, obviously suffering. Our neighbor immediately caught, fed him, and contacted us. For the few hours he was with them they were calling him Peter, so we have been calling him Skinny Pete. We took Pete into the vet immediately the next day, and while it could be worse, there is still some bad news. He was negative for distemper and parvo, mange, tick disease or parasites. But unfortunately is positive for heartworms and also has non-regenerative anemia. This means his body is not producing new red blood cells. At this point we do not know whether he will be able to recover from this, but with his healthy appetite and obvious will to live, we are going to give him a chance! He is currently receiving treatment for the heartworms, as well as iron pills, extra vitamin supplements, and high protein puppy food, with natural supplements given as well (eggs, bone broth, etc). Pete has been such an incredibly sweet boy for all his handling and meeting the other animals, we are so hopeful that he can pull through recovery and become a healthy happy dog. We love you Pete!

After just 3 short months, Sweet Pete is a new dog! He has fully recovered from his starvation, anemia, and has been treated for heartworm. Amazingly he shows no side effects whatsoever, and is an incredibly playful and fit dog now. He spends the day following us around the farm while we work, hiking the mountain with us all, and chasing or wrestling with his dog siblings. And then spends his nights sleeping on the couch 🙂 His life sure has turned around! And it couldn’t happen to a nicer dog. We love you Petey!