The one and only Coyote Peterson jungle rescue dog! When Amanda saw a social media post about a dog in need, with the rescuers leaving the country the next day, she jumped into action and met the team at the vet to pick up Rufus. Thanks to the Brave Wilderness team generously covering his vet visit and supplies, he was able to be brought into the rescue program here. Rufus will be gaining weight and receiving his vaccinations and castration before he will be listed for adoption. He is an incredibly friendly and playful Hound mix that will make a great member of the family!

Rufus is ready to find his forever home! He weighs 16kg, is neutered, has his vaccinations, is up to date on flea/tick meds, crate trained, potty trained, sits for his meals, and responds well to his name. He is friendly to all people and animals and would love to be a farm dog, or a member of an active family who will give this energetic dude all the exercise and love he craves.

Adopted! Thanks to the Brave Wilderness and their video, Rufus has found his forever home with a wonderful family in the USA. Thank you to everyone who shared or showed interest in adopting him! We’ll post updates when we receive them 🙂