While there are many cattle in Costa Rica, we are quite proud of the quality in our small hobby herd. Originally purchased as yearlings, Amanda and James bought 5 Brahman heifers and 1 bull from a quality breeder. Adding to the group came the young red Brahman bull, and his cute lady friend, a baby Gyr heifer. Since maturing the heifers have given us 4 baby girls and 1 baby boy, with more to be born soon! March 2023 also brought the addition of several young water buffalo to finish out the herd. With 1 bull and 2 heifers, they’ve been a wonderful little trio of sweet, weed eating machines. All the cattle are well cared for, with strict pasture rotations to maintain the grass quality. As well as regular vet care, parasite prevention, supplemental feed and loose minerals. There are no skinny cows to be seen here!