Rainbow bridge

Ah Tica, you sweet beautiful girl. This darling grandma was found by tourists at the Costa Rica/Panama border. They saw her there in terrible shape and just could not leave her behind. They enlisted help at the border to keep her overnight while they found someone to help take her, and along comes Puerto Viejo Dogs! PVD and the wonderful saviors of “Tica” as they called her (which means a Costa Rican), got her to the vet the next day to see if she could be saved. She is very old and missing half her teeth, and obviously very underweight. Positive for the tick disease ehrlichiosis, and while she tested negative for distemper now, she is a distemper survivor with the distinct muscle “tic” that comes along with it. She of course has skin infections and fungus (a common issue here in the tropics) and also worrisome tumors that may have metastasized already. Tica, or as we’re lovingly calling her, “Tiny Dancer” will finish her first round of medications for her skin and ehrlichiosis, while gaining weight and strength, before we go back to the vet to hopefully address some of her tumors. While she may not have a very long time to live, the rest of her life will be spent surrounded by love and care, many brothers and sisters, daily meals, soft beds, and not a single worry. Whether it be months or years, we will ensure that is the only life she remembers when she crosses the rainbow bridge.

Tica has been back to the vet at Puerto Viejo Dogs and received surgery for her cancerous masses. While it developed as mammary tumors, pre surgery xrays showed that the tumors have metastasized into her lungs. That was a huge disappointment to hear, as that drastically reduces her expected life. However she shows no symptoms, no coughing or pain. She is very active and happy, plays like a puppy, and eats enough for a dog twice her size. Tica will continue to live her wonderful farm life as long as she is able, free from pain or worries. Thank you so much PVD for all the medical care!

After a few months at Siempre Sanctuary and starting to see a decline, we took Tica in to the vet for updated diagnostics. Unfortunately the x-rays showed massive growth in numerous tumors all through her chest cavity. We kept her comfortable and happy as long as we could, then had our vet visit us at home to help her cross the rainbow bridge peacefully. We wish it had been longer but we are so blessed to have been able to enjoy her love and enthusiasm for life while she was here. We love you Tica!

This beautiful video was made by her finders, of her journey being found and coming to the Siempre Sanctuary