Foster fail who crossed the rainbow bridge

This precious girl was posted online after her most recent litter of puppies were taken by a rescue, but unfortunately all died because of how ill they were. Apparently Toffee had litters before with the same results, but the owner had not been willing to give her up. With her current emaciated state, complete lack of hair, and some convincing, her owner finally relinquished her to our care. Amanda and her went directly to the vet, where she decided to name her Toffee based on her beautiful brown eyes and pure sweetness. After alot of time and special care, Toffee has regained all her strength and hair, and of course has been spayed so she will never have another litter of pups. Amanda and James fell in complete love with her and “foster failed” her into being a permanent member of their family. We love you Toffee!