While the farm has cleared grazing pastures, there was also a contract with Fonafifo on approximately 40 hectares that supports the tropical rain forests. As a public entity founded in 1996, the National Forestry Financing Fund seeks to support the development of the forestry sector in Costa Rica through the direct execution of projects, the channeling of economic incentives, the establishment of public-private partnerships and the management of international cooperation agreements in forestry matters. Fonafifo focuses its operation on 3 strategic lines defined from the financing, sustainability and institutional management of the forestry sector, which is reflected in its executions on biological corridors, basins, private lands in protected wildlife areas, indigenous territories, among others. These 40 hectares were sectioned off as a way to protect the endangered wildlife species found in these jungles, as well as providing additional income to the residents. All pictures and videos here have been taken by the owners on the farm, and still doesn’t even begin the cover the amount of species living in this rainforest.

The endangered Great Green Macaws pictured here have such a heavy presence on the farm, it is sometimes easy to forget that they are in fact endangered, and their breeding here is truly a wonderful gift. However we never tire of their beauty, and still get excited every time we watch them fly overhead.

There is also interest in the farm from the National University, which has a Jaguar Program. This program, headed by Carolina Saenz-Bolanos Ph.D, develops research in the areas that these endangered cats have been seen. In studying their habitat and movement patterns, they hope to provide security for the jaguars and more education to the local farmers on coexisting alongside these beautiful endangered cats.